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What comes to your mind when you hear the words Studying English? Is it hard because you have to master grammar? Most of the students are haunted by the complexity of English grammar rules and this makes them feeling lazy and hopeless. Grammar is important to make your sentences organized well but do not focus that much with the grammar.

Most of Indonesians focus too much on grammar and the rules in English until they forget that practice is as important as the grammar itself to be able to master English. You learn English for many years since you were at school but you almost never practice what you have learnt.

 English Today believes that communication is much more than the grammar use but the introduction of culture identity and your confidence development to speak English. Therefore, in our Business English learning process, we do not give the theories that you will never use in the working environment but we give interactive activities, such as group discussion, case study simulation and role play based on real application in working place.

Certainly, English Today gives materials that suit your business needs. If you need negotiation skills in English, we have Negotiation Skills program. If you want to have presentation skills in English, we have Perfect Presentation program. If you want to have customer service skills in English, we have Customer Service Skills program. There are still many of our other programs that can fulfil your career and business needs.

You can consult with us to get the Business English studying program that is suitable for you and your employees. We give our time just for you so you can get the best program.

A number of companies in Indonesia have consulted with us and they have proven that they get the best program for their career and business improvement. BNI, Hankook, Daikin, Harris Hotel, Traveloka, Zurich, Djarum, Pertamina, Macdow, and other companies have chosen English Today as their trusted learning partner.

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